Matmonique Schools is a learning community committed to providing an inclusive, caring and supportive environment where excellence and academic achievement are valued. Students will be challenged to achieve their potential through programs focused on building the knowledge, skills and values for a productive life as a member of society.Matmonique Schools  continue to offer a variety of pathways to meet the needs of students. It is a school with a long standing reputation for delivering effective teaching and learning and shaping the leaders of tomorrow. The school boasts an impressive alumni and has an enviable reputation in the wider community as one of Nigeria’s premier private schools. The leadership and representational skills of students are been enhanced through academic, creative and sporting pursuits and participation in the student council, school and community forums. Students are positioned to take their place in a vibrant, cosmopolitan and democratic Nigeria. They are able to engage effectively with different cultural groups. By graduation, students are well prepared to face the unknown challenges of the future. The school seeks to:
  • Engage students in authentic real world learning experiences beyond the classroom with opportunities for students to become leaders and active participants in effecting change.
  • Offer opportunities to develop students’ application of knowledge and a critical understanding of its use.Foster a sense of place, with an appreciation of Nigeria’s traditions and past, including its indigenous heritage.
  • Develop students’ understandings of Nigeria’s relationship with the world, its place in the global economy and sustainability.
  • The school also aims to ensure that students have an awareness of social justice principles and demonstrate respect for others. They will have a social conscience and be provided with the opportunity to assist those less fortunate whether at home or abroad.
The school regards staff, both teaching and support, as the foundation upon which excellence in school programs is built. Staffs are enablers to better student results. Staff will be treated with consideration, have access to and pursue relevant professional development and participate in effective performance management. The professional development of staff will impact on, and inform, improved classroom practices and lead to enhanced students outcomes. Teachers within the various teaching teams across Matmonique Schools, will be part of a professional learning community and participate in professional conversations about learning and professional growth leading to better students results.

Classes students are admitted into:

  • Creche
  • Nursery
  • Primary
  • College
  • After School Programme
  • (Montessori Based)